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8 (7182) 55-16-71,
8 (7182) 55-14-78
"Үздік шаңырақ" сайысы

Provision on the school competition

"The Best Shanyrak"

1. The school competition "The Best Shanyrak" (further - Competition) is held annually for the purpose of improvement of quality and updating of the content of educational work in educational institution, the usage of experience of tutors work and identification of the most solid and creative classes united in "Shanyrak". 

2. Tasks of competition:

·       strengthening of school traditions;

·       development of patriotic sense of students on levels: my class, my school

·       developmentofstudent’sskills

·       forming the condition for showing a student’s initiative

·       formation of active living position of pupils

·       development class and school self-management

·       stimulation of tutors, assets of classes to realization of creative approach in work and study,

·       increase of prestige of knowledge, intellectual and creative potential of pupils.

·       unity of children round one purpose and the united decision of aims

3.Participants of this competition are all classes, united in Shanyrak

4. Organization and order of carrying out competition:

Competition takes place on February 11, 2015; 

5.The winner is defined by the decision of jury on ten ball system.

6. Criteria of evalution:      

1. Disclosure of the motto defining an essence of activity of "Shanyrak".

2.Number of participants. (the more-the better)

3. Creativity and originality

4. Bright giving and staginess

6. Disclosure of active living position.

7.  Awarding:

    By the results of competition awarding with diploma, a valuable prize of the winner of the competition "The Best Shanyrak Years" is carried out. The photo of a class is hung out on the Honour wall.